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ซังกะตาย – SUMDONG
ซังกะตาย – SUMDONG

Recently, SUMDONG emerged victorious in the prestigious "Another World" rap battle competition, a significant achievement that underscores his unique talent. Formerly with High Cloud's label, he has bravely ventured into a solo career, driven by a desire for creative freedom. His compelling lyrics and magnetic stage presence set him apart, earning him the coveted title of champion.

This triumph marks a turning point in SUMDONG's career, propelling him into the spotlight as he crafts a solo journey with a unique voice and authentic style. His latest release, in collaboration with Sony Music, unveils the first chapter of a promising project. The track features a catchy rap cypher that serves as a vibrant introduction to SUMDONG's upcoming album.

The debut under Sony Music not only showcases SUMDONG's musical prowess but also signals an exciting phase in his career. The infectious energy of the rap cypher sets the tone for what's to come, providing a taste of the creativity and dynamism that defines SUMDONG's artistry.

As SUMDONG embarks on this venture with Sony Music, his new release becomes a captivating prologue to an album that promises to leave an indelible mark on the world of Hip Hop. Stay tuned for the unfolding of SUMDONG's musical narrative under the esteemed banner of Sony Music.

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